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about me

my artistic creativity has always been a driving force in my life. since i was a child the importance of personal style was evidenced by my early fashionista tendencies, adorning every creative ensemble with an eclectic grouping of my mother's jewelry.


today, my love of art, fashion and personal style influences each piece of wearable art design.


as a flight attendant for an international airline, i am a constant traveler, i love to shop in bazaars and exotic markets, scouring the world in search of unique objects for my personal collection.


my lifestyle provides constant inspiration for my richly eclectic line of wearable art. with a sophisticated aesthetic and access to amazing finds with unique characteristics, i am able to create high impact pieces with dramatic presence.


what is important in life for me is creating change, adding beauty and providing opportunity by giving back. a percentage of the proceeds will provide aid to all the countries where i find these unique objets d' art of silver and stone.


i am grateful to be able to contribute to the elimination of the strife and stuggle that exists in the world today by assisting the world community of artisans who spend their lives etching out its beauty.