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champagne and shopping


because my wearable art is one of a kind, most women find it difficult to choose just one piece. i will admit it has an addictive quality. while my personal style would suggest less is more, with my jewelry more is better! for all of these reasons, and to keep the jewelry at a reasonable price, i offer "champagne and shopping parties". these parties provide women with the opportunity to play with and try on jewelry in a fun and comfortable atmosphere (much like i did as a child with my mother's jewelry.) afternoon tea, lunch, cocktail hour - whatever works for the hostess. i will come to your home (or office) with champagne for you to enjoy and jewelry for you and your guests to shop. it is the responsibility of the hostess to invite the clients. for every piece purchased by a guest, the hostess receives a credit for her own purchase.


this has proven to be a great way to find the jewelry that suits you and your friends. booking is available on the calendar page of this website.



weddings and special occasions


i offer custom designs for brides, bridesmaids, specialty birthdays and anniversaries.


additionally, i offer custom made mens' bracelets.



art and soul

"to live in the hearts of those we leave behind is not to die"


specialty items designed to carry the ashes of loved ones close to your heart.


specialty items were inspired by a conversation between my mother (jane gaspero) and me shortly before her death, when she told me of her wishes to be cremated. i told her i would find a locket to carry her with me always. unable to find a suitable piece, i designed one for her. she has never left me and travels the world around my neck and close to my heart, always.


special order only.